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Category: Starters/Snacks

Easy vegetarian nachos

These dive-in vegetarian nachos with fresh herby ranch dressing are delicious. Make one large bowl for everyone to tuck into or make seperate portions and serve as a starter.

By Mandy

Sedgwick’s sticky chicken wings

Make these sticky wings as a simple snack to nibble on before dinner is ready, or serve them as a part of a main meal with French fries, or go for healthier options like a garden salad, fresh vegetables or even coleslaw.

By Mandy

Slow-roasted tomato bruschetta

These simple, yet delicious tomato bruschettas are so veratile you can serve them as a starter that will wow your guests or as a side dish.

By Mandy

Ham, spinach and cheese quiche

This is a clever and quirky take on quiche -- and so easy to make, serve on a platter for everyone to help themselves.

By Mandy

Prawn cocktail with a twist

Prawn cocktail with a twist with a delicious zingy lemon dressing that has just a hint of heat.

By Mandy

Biltong Sushi

A delicious braai snack or starter

By Mandy

Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato

A very easy to make bacon-wrapped sweet potato braai snack or starter.

By Mandy

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