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Turtle and the Track

  By illona.greef  ,

May 4, 2020

It's fun and the kids LOVE it

  • Prep: 13 mins
  • Cook: 31 mins
  • Yields: Ingredients is for 6-7 turtles



Champion boerewors -


Cheddar cheese

Bell peppers





21. Cut open the wors or squeeze out the ground meat into a bowl.

32. Take one large onion, finely shopped and mix with the ground meat.

43. Take a few strips of Bacon, lay it out in a basket position and fill it with the minced meat mix and top it with cheddar cheese then close it with a few more strips of bacon.

54. Cut the viennas in even pieces for the four legs (small cuts in the ends) and one slightly shorter for the head.

65. Take toothpicks, stick one end in the vienna and the other end in the bacon/meat ball (lightly press the meat ball flat to almost look like a turtle) lastly take one bell pepper, insert one side of the toothpick into the pepper and the other into the bacon/meat - this is to resemble the tail of the turtle.

76. Place your little turtles on the braai grid.

87. Braai each side till bacon is nicely grilled and a bit crispy (constantly turning the grid to ensure the meat is evenly cooked).

98. Now you have fun cool looking braai'd turtle bacon burgers... Perfect for a kiddies party. It's almost like a classic boerewors roll but with a Fun and Creative twist.


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