There are four things you should know when looking to buy a built-in-braai


Size really does matter. Well when it comes to built-in’s at least. Most braai’s will indicate their length as part of their name.

Good for a small family or group of friends.
5+ people

Good for a slightly larger family and those who entertain some friends on occasion.
8+ people

Ideal if you are close with the in-laws and there are more hungry mouths at the table.
11+ people

You often have large gatherings and braai is always on the agenda.
14+ people


why settle for a knife when you can have a Swiss army knife? Depending on what braai range you purchase you can get additional accessories that makes your life more complete. Here are some of the important accessories to be aware of.

  1. Ember Maker
  2. Collar
  3. Ash Pan
  4. Flue Pipe
  5. Spit Arm & Motor box
  6. Potjie Hook
  7. Light Fitting
  8. Spade
  9. Heating Tray
  10. Grid
  11. Warming Rack
  12. Bread oven
  13. Cowl


This will all depend on your cooking style and if you have a need for ease of use

This takes more prep work but you have a very large grill size and can really cook for a large group of folks/

Ideal for mid week braai’s where time is limited. Just remember to add smoking planks to flavour your food correctly. These are greta to create different temperatures too depending on how many grills they have.

These are great if you often cook a large variety of foods in one go and don’t need to flavour everything. Just remember you have two smaller grill surfaces now.

*Remember you also get built-in table top braai’s for gas version.


Flue pipes are essential to the built-in braai system. They attached to the top of the built-in and guide noxious smoke away from you and your home. See below to understand the anatomy of a flue pipe. When buying a built-in with us, we provide the available options specific for each braai. So you just have to click the drop down to ad them.

These are attached to the top of the built-in braai. This is where the flue can be attached. If the built-in don’t come with a Flare then a Base flue pipe is used which comes with a Flare attached.

are the main components used to drive smoke away from eh house. Ensuring healthy ventilation and can help against accidental fires. They can be rectangular or round.

Collars enable you to extend the flue pipe by attaching another one to it one. Some flue pipes come with collars while other need to be purchased separately.

These are hood shaped coverings on-top of the flue pipe. The protect the built-in from rain and prevent down drafts. Most have the ability to rotate according to the wind to further ensure no down drafts.

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