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Bacon Braai Grenades

By Richard  

August 15, 2017

Would you like to drop bombs at your next braai?


This is one easy recipe and packed full of flavor; it's also a great show stopper at every braai. From our experience we found that doing it on the grill takes longer but definately turns out better with the smokey braai flavour! YUMMMMMMMM. :D

Doing these inside a kettle braai or any indirect heated braai (a braai with a lid) will work just as well, the cooking time will just be 10-15 minutes less.

  • Prep: 25 mins
  • Cook: 45 mins


2 Onions

300-500 g Beef mince

100 g Breadcrumbs

2 Eggs

1 Pack of streaky bacon

2 tbsp BBQ basting

2 pinch Braai Spice



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