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Turtle and the Track

It's fun and the kids LOVE it

  By illona.greef

Raw crunchy beetroot, apple, ginger and mint salad

This fresh raw salad is packed full of veg and it's a great accompaniment to a braai

By Mandy

Salad with sweet potatoes & pancetta

This salad with sweet potato and panchetta looks and tastes gorgeous served on a large platter from which everyone can help themselves.

By Mandy

Super slaw

Raw beetroot and apple give a tang and fab colour to regular coleslaw.

By Mandy

Potato salad with pesto & beans

The herby pesto, creamy mayo and fresh pops of peas and beans make this twist on potato salad a showstopper. 

By Mandy

One-pot summer pasta Salad

A must try recipe, this one-pot pasta delight to treat yourself to a delicious, but easy, side dish that is great as a side dish with any braai

By Mandy

Roast Butternut & Quinoa Salad with Nuts and Seeds

An absolutely delicious salad with lots of nutty crunch.  Best served with roasted chicken.

By Mandy


This vibrant dish is packed with tasty titbits and textures, and dressed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

By Mandy

Basil Braai broodjies

A  spin off from the traditional Braai broodjie, by just adding some basil and chutney it will make your guest want more.

By konstantin

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