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If you’re planning to install a built-in braai and need guidance on built-in braai models and sizes, then you should continue reading. Being the Home of Braai, we know what all those braai’ers out there are building and buying. So, we want to share what we know about our fellow South Africans’ built-in braai models and sizes preferences.

As a politician once said, “Because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

Knowing what braai to buy can be somewhat daunting as there is such a wide variety to choose from. It can lead to paralysis through analysis. This is a condition that occurs when too many options cripple one’s ability to make a decision.

To help you with your evaluation, we summarized South Africa’s most popular built-in braai models and sizes. By the end of this article, you should have an idea of what you’re buying. Don’t leave it too long because you don’t want to be that guy sitting with an unfinished braai on Braai Day. People will think you don’t have your life together.

Built-in braai models and sizes, does size really matter?

Yes, it does.

If you’re an average family of four that entertains regularly, it wouldn’t be practical to invest in the smaller built-in braai range. This is the 700 series suitable if cooking for 4-10 people. HomeFires and Jetmaster have popular products in this range with varying dimensions and features (and price).

Although there are mid-ranges in between like the 750 and 850 series, we are going to stick to the more prevalent sizes.

The 800 series is slightly bigger than the 700 braai, with cooking space for up to 12 people. Size does not always determine cost. Compare the Jetmaster 700 model with the Homefires 800 where you’re paying more for a smaller built-in braai but getting additional features. So, you need to know what is important for you and what suits your braai needs and techniques the most.

When entering the 1000 series, you’re starting to step things up. Now, you can cook for 15 people (the party is getting bigger). Are you looking for gas specifically or a stainless steel built-in braai? Focus on those critical components to narrow down the search.

The 1200 and 1500 series increases cooking space with a multitude of products combining gas and wood, stainless steel, including drawers and doors, potjie arm, and light fittings. These models give you extra space and more options:

1200 series

1500 series

Most Popular Models

With summer approaching and all those braais planned for December, you want the right built-in braai set up. You don’t want a cheap knock-off that will have your mates in stitches or your food covered in toxic dust. You’re the braai master and braai masters listen to other braai masters. So, take a look at the most popular models loved by South African braai experts:

Megamaster Sizzler Range

The Megamaster Sizzler Range is a trendy built-in braai range with affordable options. These units are predominantly installed in new property developments but widely favored by private homeowners as well. Products are available in the 700 – 1200 series with stainless steel selections.

HomeFires EconoMaster

HomeFires EconoMaster units are more economical and highly-rated for their A-grade materials and quality that carries a 15-year guarantee. You could have at least 5 460 braais in that time. The EconoMaster has products for the 700, 800, 1000, and 1200 series, with numerous accessories to choose from.

Deluxe Range

Most top brands have a Deluxe Range from the 800 – 1500 series, which includes the cool stuff for versatile cooking. These units have an oven, multiple grid slides, and trays. So, you can cook up a storm with potjies, steaks, pizza, or bread. Available in stainless steel and with extra fixtures.

Super Deluxe Range

Now we’re talking. This is the braai we all want when we’re big. It includes the really cool stuff. Features like a warming drawer, several grill options, sheep and chicken spit, as well as a charcoal starter and a heavy-duty motor, are all included in this superior variety of units. You might as well have a chop-en-dop for the neighborhood every time you use this built-in braai.

That’s a wrap on built-in braai models and sizes, let us know your thoughts?

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