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Buying the right braai can be a daunting task…

Taking it on oneself to buy a braai can be a daunting task if you are not clued up on all the ins and outs of what goes into the various models and more importantly which model would best suite the situation you find yourself in. This buying guide has been compiled to assist you in the decision making process. Even if you decide not to buy from us – we still want you to make the right decision!

The most important factors to consider next time you buy a braai are:

    1. How many people you plan to be cooking for?
    2. How often you plan to be cooking with your braai?
    3. What you will be cooking most often?
    4. Where will be the braai be used most regularly?
    5. How much time do you plan on spending around the braai? (How long are you willing to wait for food to be ready)
    6. Whether or not cleaning and maintenance are important to you?

From these 6 simple questions we’ve broken down the most important aspects of a braai into these 7 easy-to-understand categories:

  • Cooking area/Grill size
  • Price Range (Entry level to Deluxe models)
  • Fuel type (Gas vs Charcoal)
  • Size (Dimensions, so that you can plan your placement and gauge the size without seeing it)
  • Mobility (Whether its built-in, standalone or portable)
  • Materials (The materials used in the manufacturing of various braai’s)
  • Warranty and spares availability

We’ve also integrated these exact categories into our online shop filter system which makes it really easy to filter according to your exact specifications and ultimately ease the ‘buy a braai’ process.

buy-a-braai-ad grill BBQ barbecue

From the above questions we’ve put together 5 categorical explanations, with tips, that will help you make the best buy a braai decision to help you find the perfect braai for your needs and lifestyle.

Price Range

Price, as in all product markets, is generally determined by features, size and quality. Not to say that the cheaper models aren’t of quality – it really depends on the required purpose of the braai. Outdoor portable, smaller models tend to be cheaper than the bigger standalone gas unit(For self-explanatory reasons).

Our products range from R1100 all the way to R45000 and can be broken up into

  • Entry models

    – Usually basic models without any added features
    – Very practical and light weight
    – Perfect for outdoors and generally easy to clean
    ranging from R1100 to about R3000
    Gas Options (Click here)
    – Charcoal Options (Click here)

  • Intermediate models

    – Enough features to successfully feed a crowed
    – Comes with multiple burners = multiple cooking surfaces for mass cooking and variations
    – Usually standalone units using wood, gas or even electricity
    Ranging from R3000 to R9000
    – Gas Options
    Charcoal Options

  • Deluxe models

    – Comes with all the bells and whistles for the braai man looking to take his entertainment area to the next level
    – They usually include an array of cooking methods from roasting, spitting, searing, baking and powerful grilling capabilities.
    – They have high wider temperature ranges(Higher BTU’s) which allow for all sorts of speciality grill techniques
    Ranging from R9000 to R45 000
    – Gas Options

Fuel Type:

One of the most debated topics in the braai community of South Africa. If you want the full list of pro’s and con’s have a look at this article we dedicated to this topic here.

buy a braai grill bbq barbecue
Die hard braai fans tend to prefer the wood/charcoal option for the smokey flavouring


Generally speaking die hard braai fans tend to prefer the wood/charcoal option for the smokey flavouring and because kuiering around the fire has become such a big part of the South African braai culture and vibes. A braai is, in fact, more than just a cook out – it goes deeper than that.

A con worth mentioning is that a charcoal braai will only allow for one surface area and temperature to work with, this require more work and probably some skill(Which is also part of the whole experience right?).  If you choose this option and you looking to use the best wood to enhance the experience – check out this article on the various wood types that we put together.

Current charcoal options


Gas is convenient, easy to clean, provides consistent temperatures and is perfect for an any time, easy to use and quick to get going option. There’s nothing wrong with gas and it can easily produce just as awesome tasting food as any charcoal option. Also with multiple burners(including side burners for sauces and vegetables) you can cook different food at different temperatures on different surfaces – so the versatility is great.

Note: The amount of burners range from 1-6, more burners does not always mean a better braai. Extra burners are great for various temperatures surfaces enabling one to cook various foods at the same time.

It’s important to know that the quality of the burner(Determined by BTU output, BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is one measure of the horsepower of your grill – This metric tells you how hot the grill can potentially get) is more important than the amount of burners as it determines the temperature possibilities, to know more read here.

The distance between burners also correlates to the overall surface temperature as less burners on a bigger surface could lead to colder spots.
The distribution of heat is very important if you want to cook that perfect steak, every time, for everyone attending the braai!

Current gas options


We’re still new to the whole electric braai, it seems a bit to far removed from what braai is suppose to be about. Either way, if thats what you are looking for, each to their own.

Current electric options

Cooking area

This is one of the more important aspects when contemplating to buy braai and enhance your weekend as it directly relates to how you plan on using your braai and where its going to fit into your entertainment area.

All our products have the actual dimensions of the unit(for measuring purposes so you can plan where its going to fit) as well as the grill size. Grill sizes can be broken down into 4 broad categories:

  • Small/Outdoor grills

    – Grill size: 1000cm² – 1500cm²
    – Perfect for outdoor dates or for 1-3 people

  • Medium sized grills

    – Grill size: 1500cm² – 3800cm²
    – Perfect for family cooking, 3-6 people

  • Large grills

    – Grill size: 3800cm² – 5000cm²
    – Perfect for the big socials and weekenders 6-15 people


  • Coated aluminium – Known as the more cost-effective option but still a great conductor of heat. It’s less durable than its counter parts and can warp if not taken care of.
  • Stainless steal – The most durable of all the grill materials and also the easiest to clean. It might not have the actual cooking quality of cast iron but its a great logical choice and is usually associated with the larger gas grills.
  • Cast Iron – retains the heat better than any other metal, so great for cooking and getting the perfect sear or burn marks. It last forever! Although it does require intensive cleaning and regular oiling to keep it clean and ready to use.
  • Porcelain coated – Known to be rust resistance and easy to clean. Usually found on the top of the range models and comes with flavour bars next to burners that create a smokey flavour when hot juices fall from the meat.
  • Chrome plated – Looks great but not as durable as the stainless steel and so maintenance is necessary for this material.

Warranty and spares availability:

All our brands have and products have warranties and also offer spares and services and if we don’t have it we will source the part for you, free of charge. (Just e-mail su*****@te**.com) If you’d like to know our buy a braai returns policy check here.
This video will demonstrate how our filters work, which is really simple, and give you an idea as to what are important things to remember when buying a braai! This is an important decision, especially in South Africa, so we suggest you knowledge up and make the best informed decision so that your future braai life is TOP NOTCH

Finally with these powerful tips and now that you know everything there is to know next time you decide to buy a braai, simply go to our shop page and filter what you would like.
If you have any additions or notes you’d like to add to our current guide, please send us a mail! We reward any kinds words or helpful criticism. We are 100% committed to providing the best information for and by the community.

Happy Braai Shopping!

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