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The Ultimate Guide: Braai Spices & Herbs!

Spices and herbs, other than the meat itself, are the fundamental building blocks of any good brazil. This is actually applicable to any cooking situation. Become the flavor of the month with this basic introduction to herbs and spices. TIP: By eating each element of the dish on its own you can acquire the combinations […]

Know your Knife

A sharp knife is a braai & kitchen tool you can’t live without, however blunt that statement may be, this tool is sometimes overlooked. Cutting clean through a steak or tomatoes with a good knife can make this dull task become instantly satisfying again. Yet knowing which knife to use is just as important and that’s why we have compiled […]

Gas vs Wood

Gas braai vs Wood braai? The burning question continues. As braai purists are all about the wood and sometimes the addition of charcoal, or charcoal alone, depending on a few variables, and the millennials who are focused more on the efficiency of the gas braai. This is a heated debate of (Gas braai vs Wood braai) as […]

braai fire

5 simple steps to starting your braai fire the right way

Starting a braai fire isn’t exactly something I’d consider a braai master to be having problems with.. Nonetheless it is still something that we all know plays an important role in the braai experience. As without a fire, there will be no braai. This is not the only way of making a fire but simply one of the tried and tested methods […]

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