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Although it’s named (appropriately) a wood-fired pizza oven, it does a whole lot more than bake pizzas – perfectly. They can be adapted to any cooking need you have, like roasts, bread, or stews. Literally any recipe can be modified to get full use out of a pizza oven while enjoying the outdoors during winter or summer. Wood-fire ovens add a unique flavour to every dish compared to traditional indoor oven cooking, which isn’t half as much fun as cooking outside. But, if you can make it in your kitchen oven, you can make it in a wood-fired pizza oven!

How does a pizza oven work?

Let’s explain why pizza ovens are so cool but also so hot. You bundle your wood in there and set it alight. The smoke exits via the chimney and the intense heat generated inside is absorbed by the brick to retain and distribute it. They are designed to sustain temperatures up to 400ºC for long periods and provide an all-round perfect cooking result.

Alfresco Pizza Oven Models

There are different burning pizza ovens to choose from depending on your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a home installation or an oven for your restaurant, the Alfresco range will have a unit for you. As a nice touch, you can choose between the Grey, Clay Art, or Dried Ochre colours.


The Magnifique model can accommodate two large pizzas at a time and because of its smaller size, its an ideal addition to your braai room. You can bake bread or use oven dishes for your favourite chicken stew. If you want to measure out your space for the pizza oven, refer to the dimensions below:

Outside diameter: 880mm wide x 770mm deep
Inside diameter: 650mm / Height: 600mm
Standard stainless-steel chimney: 800mm I Door opening: 400mm wide

You can also choose useful accessories such as the mobile stand for the pizza oven and a sliding stainless steel table for a great evening of entertainment.



Grande means big. So, this is the larger sized pizza oven for a bigger entertainment area or outdoor space. For all those hungry mouths to feed, you can bake 3 pizzas in one go and get creative with your cooking ideas.

Outside diameter: 970mm wide x 920mm deep
Inside diameter: 775mm / Height: 700mm
Door opening: 430mm wide

The standard stainless-steel chimney is included along with nifty accessories such as a tempered glass thermometer, a 30cm (size of a large pizza) stainless steel lifter and steel coal rake sets.

alfresco-grande-pizza oven


As the name implies, festive, festival, celebration. The largest mobile wood-burning pizza oven is made for productive cooking. It’s effective for restaurants and various venues where a lot of good cooking is needed. It bakes 4 large pizzas at a time, so nobody needs to wait long for their food! All the standard attachments are included with an oven door, chimney, tempered glass thermometer and utensils.

Outside diameter: 1100mm wide x 1030mm deep
Inside diameter: 900mm / Height: 750mm
Door opening: 520mm wide


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