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Taking innovation to a new level (Once again), Chad-O-Chef have just launched their all new Boma Braai. The name speaks directly to what this new unit can do but it does not tell you everything. We were lucky enough to attend the launch and get a first hand view of what it looks like and how it works. For anyone looking to turn their braai’s into a social activity or to add a unique centre piece to their outside entertainment area, check the details below!

Leading the pack on outdoor cooking innovation, this all new Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai (On sale here) is the latest addition to their freestanding braai selection. Using a contemporary European design and advanced material knowledge, this new unit will get the juices flowing in both summer and winter. This is possible due to the multiple uses including, of course, both as a boma and a braai.

So how does this new Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai work exactly?

The large aperture (Centre hole) at the top of the unit – which stands about chest height for most – allows you to add wood for use as a boma and for use as a braai. As the centre aperture fire heats the surrounding steel surface, the actual surface acts as the cooking surface, it really is a spectacle! This then allows for multiple people to stand on each side – facing each other – while cooking on their own section of the surface.

The 8mm steel surface, which is rather thick, retains the heat and spread it evenly for an amazing braai experience. We saw it in action today and it was amazing! You can cook anything from chops, chicken, steak and even eggs. Its really versatile. Stir fry is another option with the all new Chad-O-Chef Boma braai. The best of all is that when its not being used for a braai, you can use it to just stand around and have a chat while it keeps you warm in the winter nights.

Some of the primary features of the new Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai include:

  • Ledges just below the cooking surface which are perfect for holding your drinks, accessories or just to rest on while being social
  • It comes in a cortex steel (which is basically already rusted – we LOVE this look) this is best for coastal areas and it comes in a black mild steel option, for those looking for a “cleaner look”
  • There is a large storage area below the cooking surface for storing wood, this is really hand!
  • The aperture has an ash pan below it which allows for a seamless and convenient way to dispose of the ash after use, this was probably the best feature for us. Its so simple to use and clean – a must for most customers
  • The Chad-O-Chef boma braai is a freestanding (But extremely heavy and not easy to move) so chose your placement wisely

The unit is 1017mm high and 1130mm width x 990mm depth.

The Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai will also come in two material options

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