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Category: Lamb

Left over braai chops chutney

Delicious dish made with left over braai chops perfect for the morning after the tjop and dop

By mo.moodley

Lamb Chops Marinated In Garlic,Rosemary and Thyme

Prepare these delicious lamb chops marinated with Rosemary, Garlic and olive oil the night before to allow the chops to really take on the taste of this perfect marinade.

By Mandy

‘United Nations Lamb’ recipe

This is the most amazing braaied leg of lamb with Cape Malay salad, peri-peri sauce, gremolata, chermoula, mustard and grilled veggies, and it comes from Reuben Riffel’s cookbook Reuben on Fire.

By Mandy

Braaied Rack of Lamb

The bone and the nice layer of fat make this cut ideally suited to a slow and gentle braai and those same two reasons make this a very tasty cut of meat. While you can braai a lamb loin chop and most steaks in less than 10 minutes, this dish gives you the opportunity to actually spend time around the fire while you are braaing.

By Mandy

Braaied tandoori lamb chops

A tandoor is a clay oven traditionally used in Eastern cooking, and tandoori refers to any food cooked in a tandoor oven. A fire of wood or coal is made inside the oven and the food is exposed to direct heat. The smoke from the fire, and the smoke from the food juices and fat dripping onto the coals, all add to the flavour. Very similar, you could say, to a braai! 

By Mandy

Lamb Necks on the Braai

Lamb neck is a delicious and much cheaper option compared to lamb chops. Lamb, rosemary and garlic are a perfect and delicious match.

By Mandy

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